Gaziantep Documentary Has Been Shot

A documentary film of GAZIANTEP, one of the oldest cities in the world, has been shot by NTV with the contributions of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. Numerous archeological sites and newly unearthed remains, many of which date back to the Stone Age, will be brought to the Turkish Television for the first time. 

The “world’s first factory” that was founded inside the Sarklı Cave in the Duluk Village of Gaziantep and the Mithraic religion, an alternative to Christianity born in and spread to the world from Gaziantep by Roman soldiers, are just some of the many awe-inspiring topics that will be featured in this documentary. 

The documentary hits upon the stories of the Late Hittite States like Karkamis, Zincirli (Sam'al), Sakcagozu. These sites are known to have played a key role in the recovery of the Anatolian Civilizations after the fall of the Hittites. Furthermore, the stories of Tilmen Mound and Yesemek, the world’s biggest and oldest open-air statue workshop, will be told. World famous Zeugma mosaics, the Roman monument graves in Araban -Yavuzeli and also Rumkale, an important area in the history of Christianity will be shown. 

Starting with the Gaziantep Castle, all historical artifacts in the city center and city’s cultural richness will be introduced. Gaziantep’s legendary cuisine, its spectacular weavings, copper works and the city’s many cultural values will be depicted. And finally, the unprecedented kastels, the underground water canals that stretch beneath the city like cobwebs, are brought to light. 

The documentary “Metropolis – A City Steeped In History; Gaziantep” is produced and presented by Ahmet Yesiltepe of NTV. Editing is done by Cihan Çekiç and the direction of cinematography by Ahmet Uçar. The first airing of the first episode will be Sunday, February 7th at 22:10 with encores on Saturday at 10:10 am at NTV.