The Panorama of Gaziantep Defense and Heroism

Gaziantep Defense and Heroism Panorama is a project that will be brought to life by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. It will exhibit historical and heroic artifacts of Gaziantep and is planned to be ready for the 100th anniversary of the city, December 25th, 2017. 

The first step of the project was to launch a “Research Commission” with the participation of historians, chamber delegates, NGOs, and public institutions. Likes of this project from around the world, especially the Sevastopol example, were all examined when shaping the Gaziantep Defense and Heroism Panorama.

Besides being a tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of the people of Gaziantep, the panorama is expected to have an artistic value too. Seeing the 12-meter high and 113-meter long panorama built on 12 acres, you will find yourself in the midst of all and feel yourself a witness of those days. 

The entrance of the panorama will be built in the shape of the caves and water canals that carried utmost importance during the War of Independence in Gaziantep. The road leading to the panorama will be equipped with audio and visual content. Within the panorama, there will be a library, a research center, presentation rooms, city history research center, sales offices and a cafeteria according to the plan.  An inclusive process will be established to maximize stakeholder engagement during the decision-making process.